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Bette’s Services:

Psychotherapy. Consultations. Presentations

You can contact Bette here to inquire about her presentations or
to inquire about a clinical appointment or a consultation for intuitive guidance.


Clinical Social Work
Wisdom for Life’s Journey

Bette provides clinical social work and psychotherapy to adults of all ages, children, adolescents, couples, families and groups. Trained to understand health issues, parenting issues, relationship issues and strategies for stress management, Bette offers dynamic wisdom for effective problem solving, effective parenting, and for creating successful relationships at work and in your personal life.…Read More


Soul Mothers’ Wisdom: Seven Insights for the Single Mother

Soul Mothers’ Wisdom offers single mothers the guidance, reassurance, and comfort that can help them succeed and thrive in their parenting and in their lives. From her years of experience practicing clinical social work and teaching stress management skills, Bette has written a book that addresses the deeper emotional and psycho-spiritual needs of single mothers, and perhaps all single parents.  …Read More


Bette’s Blogs

For the past several years Bette has provided useful and inspirational information on her personal blog. In January 2016, Bette began a guest blog for Somatic Psychotherapy Today. On both of Bette’s Blogs you will find a variety of important topics such as guidance for single parents, general parenting tips, stress management strategies for daily life, and fascinating information related to the wisdom of the body/mind/spirit unity and the development of psychic insight and intuitive wisdom. …Read More


Intuitive Guidance Consultations

In addition to her clinical social work, Bette meets with individuals who wish guidance for their life’s journey from a strictly intuitive/psychic perspective. Bette emphasizes that her intuitive wisdom is not designed to tell people how to run their lives or to tell the future. She uses her intuition to offer a reflective, interactive and meaningful perspective for any client wishing this type of appointment.


Growth and Empowerment Groups

Bette’s groups, whether stress management or groups designed to develop personal skills for work and relationships, assist participants in developing an authentic sense of strong self-worth and the ability to cope with life and relationships. All groups employ relaxation and meditation and utilize the mind’s ability to access deeper wisdom.



For presentations Bette combines practicality, inspiration and humor to offer seminars, workshops and teaching sessions that emphasize clear thinking, effective problems solving and the use of intuition to cope with the stress of life. Participants leave Bette’s presentations re-energized, and fortified with understandable concepts and applicable tools for parenting, for working and for living. …Read More


Bette will be presenting readings from her book, Soul Mothers’ Wisdom at various locations. Join Bette for these upcoming readings and events. …Read More

Unique Couples Therapy

Unique Therapy for Couples

Bette and her husband, Ray Amidon, LCPC, and Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, offer conjoint therapy to couples. In these sessions the individuals have the unique benefit of working with two seasoned professionals who provide a richly textured therapeutic experience. Having two therapists in the session enables an environment in which both parties of the couple can feel supported and safe to speak what is on their minds……Read More


Consultation to Educators

Bette has over ten years of experience offering consultation to teachers, administrators and students from grades K through 12. She has developed unique modular problem-solving schemas, such as “The ABCD’s & E’s and F’s” of situation and stress management. Bette’s schemas combine instruction, relaxation, and creativity to facilitate acquisition and application of coping strategies, self regulation behaviors and executive functioning skills. …Read More

Contact Bette here to inquire about a clinical appointment, a professional consultation, a presentation, or a session for intuitive guidance.