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My work, my teaching and my writing is dedicated to teaching people the skills for becoming stronger, wiser, and more able to thrive as parents and as people. Having been a single mother, I have a special interest in the nurturing the wellbeing of single fathers and single mothers. They bring strength and resilience to one of the most difficult jobs on the planet.

The over-arching purpose of my work is dedicated to helping adults and children become as strong and resilient as they can be. I particularly enjoy working with my stress management groups and my women’s groups as well as providing presentations on a variety of topics for mental health professionals, teachers, and residential services providers as well as for those in a variety of non-professional occupations. In my work as social work consultant to Maine Administrative School District #35, I have discovered my passion for helping kids and families learn to solve problems with strategies that work.

In my articles, on my blog, and in Soul Mothers’ Wisdom, you will find tips that will assist you in finding comfort, coping skillfully with your children’s behaviors, instilling in your children the values you cherish, and building a kit of stress beating tools and intuitive/psychic wisdom.

Please read my blog, browse my articles and peruse the presentations that I have to offer.

You can contact me here:

Bette Freedson

Phone: 207-384-5538 #2


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Upcoming Events:

Betty Freedson and Michele Tamaren will be teaching

Women’s Sacred Journey: Discovering Your Soul’s Wisdom, Purpose and Path

at Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health . From June 2-4 2017 .

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