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A Writer Happy to Be Found

bette-headshot219The post-publication journey is a new one, and an interesting one.

Being an author is bringing me in contact with new people and new venues for bringing the Soul Wisdom message into the larger community. For this I am grateful.

Last week I was interviewed by Suzette Standring for her show, “It’s All Write With Suzette.” Suzette gave me a warm and welcoming opportunity to talk about Soul Mothers’ Wisdom and about the process of writing itself. One of the questions she asked was about the process of organizing the material that finally emerged into the book. It was fun talking with Suzette about the various morph-ings of the writing process, for the process was fascinating, and also frustrating at times, as the way I wrote and how I wrote changed continually over the years.

In the beginning, as I told Suzette, I wasn’t sure I even knew how to write at all. However, along the way I had a great deal of support and help, and eventually I learned how to write from my voice and not just from my head. I learned how to “hear” the right words and chop the extraneous word-age from the text even when part of me wanted to keep every phrase. Eventually, Soul Mothers’ Wisdom was born and the book became what it was meant to be, almost as if I had only channeled it–another interesting aspect of my personal writer’s experience.

Today I took another step as a writer in this amazing journey. I had my author profile published by Find Maine Writers, a program of The Maine Writers’ and Publishers’ Alliance that assists authors in publicizing their work. This profile of SMW and of me will appear in the newsletter.


I hope you will stay tuned….


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