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psychPsychics are often thought to have unusual powers. In fact, there is such a mystique surrounding “the psychic dimension” that many people are willing to suspend their own opinions and decisions for the “insights” and “intuition” of the psychic.

Of course valuable material can be brought forth in a reading and there are many talented readers. However, have you considered that YOU are psychic? If that sounds too far out, consider this: Everyone has intuitive ability that can be developed and drawn on for use in every day life. In reality gaining access to your own psychic ability is as simple as sitting in a rocking chair and staring off into space!

You see, what seems to be a mysterious and complex gift is really rather ordinary. All you have to do is to learn to quiet the mind, relax doing something you enjoy—or doing nothing at all—and let your mind float free. Stilling the mind in such a way as to block out interference from the busyness of the outer world is the first step in becoming your own personal psychic.

To begin try sitting or lying down in a pleasant spot where you feel relaxed and peaceful. Next, try this. Picture yourself surrounded by brilliant light. If problems that need solving come to mind, just concentrate on them lightly and see what thoughts arise. Suggest to yourself that whatever information you need to solve these problems will come to you during this quiet time, or possibly later when other thoughts or pictures come into your mind spontaneously.

Now just be. Allow thoughts, sensations, and pictures to come in and go out of your mind. You do not need to hold onto these images or push them away.

In this way you are tuning into your inner self where you can access your wisdom, imagination and psychic ability. You can practice this psychic exercise any time you feel tired, anxious or confused. Even a few moments spent this way can help restore energy and feelings of well being. This type of relaxation time draws attention to insights needed for coping and solving problems.

A while ago I received a postcard from a woman who had discovered her psychic nature in one of my stress management groups. Using the inner mind for healing stress is a powerful use of psychic power.
In her note, the woman told me that she had been using her intuitive/psychic ability to keep herself hassle free in situations that usually aggravated her. She would picture herself peaceful and relaxed even among crowds and waiting on line, and it was working. She was making her life better using her own psychic powers.

You too can learn to use your own inner wisdom and intuitive insights to improve the quality of your life. By becoming your own psychic you can conquer dilemmas that would have baffled you, reduce your stress, and even improve your health. Are YOU ready to “PSYCH UP” for every day living?