SOLVE-ing Problems with The S-O-L-V-E Method

///SOLVE-ing Problems with The S-O-L-V-E Method
SOLVE-ing Problems with The S-O-L-V-E Method 2016-12-02T22:21:43+00:00


Life is full of problems to resolve, and single parents have more than their share.

The S-O-L-V-E method offers a five step schema for effective resolving.

Although the steps are presented in a sequence, they can be used in any order. As you practice applying S-O-L-V-E you will become familiar with your most creative and effective application of these tools.

S—Still your mind.

You can still your mind by taking one or two easy, gentle breaths, and then allowing your breathing to settle into a normal pattern.
You can also still the mind by focusing on an object, or by using any relaxation or mediation practice with which you are familiar..

O—Open the intuitive, receptive mind.

As your thoughts come in and go out, you can keep an open mind to all thoughts. Some of them may relate to the problem at hand. The intuitive, receptive mind is wise. It’s information comes in images, symbols and impresisions. All you need to do is to notice what your wise mind receives. You can think about the meaning of these images and ideas when you Verify the information.

L—Let Go of stress.

With a still mind that is open to receiving wisdom, you are in a state to be present to your inner thoughts, feelings and sensations, and to be free yourself of stress,. Now you can continue to notice thougths, feelings and sensations and continue to breathe comfortably.Keep your inner eye and ear alert to any distorted thinking that comes into your mind. When a negative thought tweaks your stress, take a breath and refocus on easy breathing. The stressful feelings will pass as you refocus on the breath or the original object.

V—Verify ideas.

Your intuitive mind will receive a variety of ideas as you follow these steps. Gently releasing negative or distorted thinking puts you in a postition to use your practical mind to think about the ideas received by the intuitive mind. This is a way to verify ideas within your Self. You might also “verify” your ideas with a trusted advisor. Thorough “verification” prepares you to choose a course of action.

E—Evaluate your chosen solution.

Evaluation has two key steps.

First, imagine the potential consequences of the actions you intend to take. Carefully doing a pre-evaluation your intentions for the desired outcome will help you decide what to do.

Second, after taking action, evaluate the effectiveness of your choices for resolving the problem. Careful evaluation before, after, and even during a particular situation can yield information that will help you further refine your problem solving competence.