Advice for Single Mothers: Get to Know the Soul in Your Story

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Advice for Single Mothers: Get to Know the Soul in Your Story

Everyone has a story, and single mothers have some pretty interesting ones. Whether partnered, re-partnered, not partnered, or even married (Yes, some married women parent alone!) you  are doing the hardest job on the planet, and you have amazing stories.

The inner being of your truest self, your spirit, the self that knows what is best to do in any situation, your “soul,” can be recognized when you review your life story.  Your story reveals the courage it has taken for you to accomplish all you have accomplished and all that you still do.  If you take a few moments to think about the chapters of your life, you can come to realize  inner strengths and resources you might not even know you had. As your story writes itself everyday, you are always finding and using the strength and resilience of your inner spirit, your authentic soul nature, to parent your children and make a good life for your family. But did you know that by seeing the maturity and courage in your story, you also cultivate wisdom for yourself?

You might want to consider reviewing the daily chapters of your story to remind yourself of the cumulative wisdom that has shown up, as in the readers we love to consult to receive 365 doses of life lessons on a daily basis. Well, you are making your own daily lessons, and all of that learning and information is the soul in your story. You can get as much support and help from your own daily pages as with any one else’s daily words to live by. In fact, you can create your own daily reader by journaling on a regular basis about the insights your are learning as you live and examine your own life story.

By reading and writing about the Soul in your story, you can better understand your own life path and learn more effective ways of coping. You can come to make choices out of love, forgiveness and faith in your own inner resources, and faith in a power greater than yourself. Yes, all mothers, and especially single mothers must live in the world of material demands, chores, tasks, responsibilities and often yearnings for a more comfortable life. Along with these practicalities, you might like to indulge yourself in the luxurious wisdom of your own story. There you may find ways to transcend the burdens and the struggles, and enjoy a good read!

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