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Advice for Single Mothers: Your Soul Has Wisdom

In 2000 I began writing a book for single mothers. I will finish it this year and it will be published in 2014. The premise of my book, entitled “Soul Mothers’ Wisdom,” is that each of us has an intuitive guidance system, and inner spirit, a “soul” that can guide us in all situations, especially the ones that cause us to struggle with overwhelming odds, painful feelings, and difficult people.

My book will be unique, and a little different from the other excellent single mother manuals currently on the market; for my focus is spiritual and psychological with emphasis on developing your true Self. The authentic Self is the part of you that stays solid, and feels whole, even when you feel like  you are falling apart. The book contains tips and ideas for how to stay strong, as well as excerpts from my own story and the stories of other single mothers.

“Soul Mothers’ Wisdom” is designed to be a beacon of hope for single moms to help them parent with greater serenity, joy and fulfillment. In the central years of raising my daughters as a single mom, I most needed hope. I craved the voices and stories of other single mothers who were doing the same hard job, and managing all that has to be managed to do it. I was hungry for their ideas and support. I would talk to as many other single mothers as I could, and ask: “What do you do? How do you do it?”One of the most important role models for me was Katherine.

Katherine and I worked together as volunteers at a local counseling center, and she knew the difficulties of single parenting from the inside. After her divorce, Katherine became single mother of several sons and daughters. Katherine knew a lot about being newly divorced and parenting without the other parent in residence. It is no piece of cake she told me, but it can be done. I have outlined Katherine’s wisdom in  my book. Her most important message was to stop feeling like a victim and find my own inner strength. She taught me that I was a whole person with wisdom inside of me that could help me change my thinking and my relationship to my problems.

This idea of higher wisdom coming from the inner Self that “knows,” is a central idea of my book, and of my life. I have come to think of my wise Self as a spiritual partner for getting the mothering job accomplished. Of course, we all need support from other people, but the ability to sort through all the ideas and advice is located inside of the Self. The development of inner guidance will be explored in detail  in my book, with short meditations and affirmations to help the mind relax and be at peace while absorbing the information.

Here is a sample of what you might find in “Soul Mothers’ Wisdom.”

“Now might be a good time to take a couple easy breaths and allow stress to leave your body. As you breathe comfortably, you can say to yourself, ‘All forces in the universe are now working toward my higher good, and the good of all concerned. I am surrounded by the substance of divine love and healing. Divine spirit guides all my actions today.’ ”

If you are in a light mood, you might use my favorite prayer. “G-d, let me not act crazy today!”


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