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Bette J. Freedson is a clinical social worker, practicing in Southern Maine. She is also the author of many articles. Bette’s first book, “Soul Mothers’ Wisdom/Seven Insights for the Single Mother,” is available at Pearlsong Press.

Single Parents: Three Tips for Creating Self Wholeness

Single Parents, You are  doing one of the hardest jobs known to mankind or womankind. And in the middle of the job at times you might forget who you are. But take heart, for you are more than an extension of your children. You are you--a whole person, even though in the middle of the [...]

The Flavors of Happiness: Savoring the Lemon Sorbet

Have you experienced the pleasure of getting so close to your goal that you can almost taste success? Have you tasted the coppery flavor of fear or characterized an unpleasant experience as distasteful? Disappointment can be bitter; revenge can be sweet, and babies’ feet are delicious. Getting something you want at the expense of something [...]

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Wishing Yourself Well: The Power of Embodied Intention

Have you ever wondered what empowers a wish? Might wishing a friend “Good luck” actually help her reach a goal or fulfill a dream? Do perfunctory phrases like, “I wish you well,” or simple statements like “Farewell” contain more than casual courtesy? What if you felt the power of wishing yourself well? The concept’s not [...]

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Imagine a Somatic Solution to the Hazards of Stress

Whether it’s a slow car in the fast lane, a fast truck in the slow lane, the sudden realization that your phone is missing, or worrying about next year’s storm, how quickly and vividly will your mind and body deliver a high velocity jolt of stress? This acute reaction, known as the “fight, flight (or [...]

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What About Soul Wisdom Consultations?

My friend who reads Tarot says that people ask her for a "psychic reading."  I tell them that I'm not the typical "psychic," she says. Then she goes on to say to me, "You are the psychic." Well, it is true that I have done hundreds of readings, but neither am I your typical psychic-- [...]

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A Mother’s Travels To Wisdom

Reprinted with permission from on 3-18-16 Can you imagine traveling in time and returning to the present with the gift of a new perspective? Going back to your past might help you realize a solution to a current problem, while going forward might comfort you with guidance from a wise great grandmother, your own inner elder. [...]

“Lemon Aide” for The Wisdom of Body and Soul

When a client comes in declaring, “I’m stuck!” what comes to your mind, as you begin a diagnostic formulation? Which methodology do you choose to address the issue? As clinicians we are blessed with a plethora of concepts, techniques and strategies from which to choose for offering therapeutic aide. Perhaps you educate your client about [...]

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Your Body Tells the Truth

When the proverbial hits the fan with high velocity stress, where do you turn for wise direction? While processing a problem with your support team is an excellent coping strategy, have you discovered that intelligent guidance is also available from a wise source within? If you have tuned into your body when facing a problem, [...]

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