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Bette’s Story

From the late 1970’s into the early 1980’s I was separated, divorced and graduated from Boston University School of Social Work. When my former husband suddenly died, leaving me with two young daughters to support, and a social work practice to build, I faced and survived many difficult stressors, many of which are detailed in my book, Soul Mothers’ Wisdom: Seven Insights for The Single Mother.

As single motherhood and clinical social work ran parallel, I became increasingly fascinated by the ways in which people use resilience to deal with adversity, and harness the strengths by which they are enabled to integrate their experiences into a solid core of strong authentic Self. I discovered that individuals possess a capacity for inner insight and intuitive guidance that can be accessed via the psychic dimension of a stress-free mind.

I am blessed to do the work I love. When I was a child and people asked what I wanted to be or to do when I grew up, my only answer was, “I want to help other people.” This is still my Life’s purpose. I hope that you will find something on my website, on my blog, in my articles and essays, in Soul Mothers’ Wisdom or in my office that can offer exactly the help, hope or inspiration that you seek.

As I developed my own intuitive/psychic ability, I discovered the way in which inner wisdom can help an individual to manage stress. With my own on-going emotional healing, increasing Self-strength and the support of professional and personal networks for encouragement, I dedicated myself to two “Soul” goals–raising my children into the healthy and successful adults they have become, and helping others cope with the definitely difficult, and potentially fulfilling life of being a single parent.

This dual interconnected purpose became the substance of my passionate desire to be a beacon of help and hope for other single mothers, and grew into the conception and creation of my book, Soul Mothers’ Wisdom: Seven Insights for the Single Mother. In SMW I affirm that the difficulties single mothers face, when handled with heart and soul, will create the Self that “knows”—the wise woman with a deep sense of who she really is and the insight to know what to do. This strength can belong also to “Soul Fathers.” I have been told, and I firmly believe that single fathers may also derive help and encouragement from the tips and ideas in Soul Mothers’ Wisdom.

While Soul Mothers” Wisdom is focused on my story and the stories of other single mothers, the tips for parenting, beating stress, coping with life, and accessing wisdom can actually appeal to parents in general. For parents, whether you are coupled or single, you are dear to my heart. My work and my writing are devoted to helping you find your own wise insights for living.

I hope that what I have to offer will help you access your personal psychic wisdom, teach your children the values you cherish, increase your ability to cope with parenting and life difficulties, and help you build positive meaning into your personal life story.