Brief Therapy with Single Mothers

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briefIn this workshop participants will experience the way in which sympathetic identification with transformed metaphors, drawn from the substance of personal stories, can fuel an alchemical shift that decreases stress, increases ego strength, and paves the way to inner peace.

Therapists working with single mothers often hear stories of abandonment, disempowerment, loneliness, hopelessness, victimization, rage and unrelenting stress.

Disturbing perceptions and emotions such as these, and the distorted interpretations that result, may rigidify into psychic schemas comprised of patterns of dysfunctional reacting and compromised coping.

In turn, painful schemas may increase the intensity and chronicity of the mother’s stress, thereby decreasing her functioning, and affecting the emotional health of her children.

Identifying negative schemas, and harnessing the mind’s powerful potential to transform them, will be the dual focus of this course. Participants will explore the way in which the quiet mind, combined with the evocative and rhythmic language of hypnosis, can fuel a subconscious shift from confusion to clarity. Through simple, effective and powerful techniques for imagining new metaphors and re-imaging new stories, participants will learn tools that can lead the client to the creation of more positive schemas.