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Single Parents: Three Tips for Creating Self Wholeness

Single Parents, You are  doing one of the hardest jobs known to mankind or womankind. And in the middle of the job at times you might forget who you are. But take heart, for you are more than an extension of your children. You are you--a whole person, even though in the middle of the [...]

A Writer Happy to Be Found

The post-publication journey is a new one, and an interesting one. Being an author is bringing me in contact with new people and new venues for bringing the Soul Wisdom message into the larger community. For this I am grateful. Last week I was interviewed by Suzette Standring for her show, "It's All Write With Suzette." Suzette [...]

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Are You Giving Yourself “Attitude” About Single Parent Stress?

I know from talking to many single parents, and from my own experience, that single moms and dads have a lot of stress from having to do it all. However, it is possible to reduce the doing-it-all stress of single parenting. Some stress reduction strategies require taking action steps like creating a support network, asking [...]

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Soul Mothers’ Wisdom–The Book!

I am thrilled to announce that Soul Mothers' Wisdom: Seven Insights for the Single Mother has officially been published by Pearlsong Press. The book will be available in paperback and ebook on March 1st. I think that there is a "peek inside the book" already on Amazon. I am also very happy to tell [...]

Real Inner Power: Do You Have It?

Whether by chance, circumstance or choice, most people go through situational upheavals when they become single parents. Finances, family relationships, social roles, and living situations are some of the life altering changes that can feel as if a personal tsunami has washed ashore and washed away the life you knew. When dealing with such cataclysmic [...]

You Are Psychic!

It is now less than three months until the publication of "Soul Mothers' Wisdom:Seven Insights for the Single Mother."  In Insight Five of SMW you will learn that the psychic power of mind is not magic, but a built-in mental tool that can be used to beat stress and offer guidance for all your problems. [...]

Soul Mothers’ Wisdom–The Book!

Soul Mothers' Wisdom: Seven Insights for Single Mothers will be available on March 1, 2015 from Pearlsong Press and from Amazon. Where else? I will let you know. SMW contains many stories from my own life as a single mother, including my discovery of my psychic gifts. You will also read inspirational stories of other [...]

Parenting and Patience: A Supply and Demand Situation

Did you know that many of the qualities needed for effective parenting, such as resilience, self-containment, and relaxed maturity exist within the realm of practicing patience-- a parenting commodity in high demand, and often short supply. I'd like to offer you a couple tips for increasing your supply of patience when the demand increases! These [...]

Fun with the Kids: Summer Strategies for Parents

When parents apply a few simple all-purpose tips for creating summer fun with the kids, opportunity happens. You can increase quality time, expand connections with your children, and make summer into more fun for all. Give these simple summer strategies a try! 1. Put together an arts and crafts group for the kids. Simple ideas [...]

Reducing Parenting Stress: Location, Determination, and Support

Your love for your kids, your determination for them to be healthy and successful, and your willingness to support them are feelings shared by parents in all locations. However, parenting stress can be affected by geographic location, financial stability, job status, your ability to find work, your beliefs about raising kids, and the ease with which [...]