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Soul Mothers’ Wisdom–The Book!

Soul Mothers' Wisdom: Seven Insights for Single Mothers will be available on March 1, 2015 from Pearlsong Press and from Amazon. Where else? I will let you know. SMW contains many stories from my own life as a single mother, including my discovery of my psychic gifts. You will also read inspirational stories of other [...]

Fun with the Kids: Summer Strategies for Parents

When parents apply a few simple all-purpose tips for creating summer fun with the kids, opportunity happens. You can increase quality time, expand connections with your children, and make summer into more fun for all. Give these simple summer strategies a try! 1. Put together an arts and crafts group for the kids. Simple ideas [...]

A Season to Bloom as a Single Parent

Did you know that it is possible to bloom as a single parent in any season-- even in summer when the kids are out of school? Staying aware of how various important factors affect your children and yourself can make your parenting skills a blooming success. Four of these critical factors are embodied in a clever acronym [...]

Moms– Thrive in Connection and See Parenting Improve!

Married, partnered or single, moms are working hard in the home, outside of the home, and usually both! Often moms are so busy and stressed, that they may feel alone or isolated. Have you ever experienced thoughts like these or the feelings that go with them? “I’m going stir crazy just home alone all day [...]

Single Parents: Tips for Surviving the Stress…and Beyond

Being a single parent is tough. You have too much responsibility; too many tasks; too many demands; not enough time; not enough sleep; not enough energy; not enough patience; and almost always--not enough money. However, even when you have faded, and your checkbook has fizzled, you can survive and thrive as a single parent. By using [...]