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Now Available–Soul Mothers’ Wisdom

As it turns out, my book is becoming available even sooner than I previously thought. It is very exciting and I hope that the book will help many single mothers and other parents as well. There is much inside that I have been told can benefit a wider audience. Soul Mothers' Wisdom: Seven Insights for [...]

Real Inner Power: Do You Have It?

Whether by chance, circumstance or choice, most people go through situational upheavals when they become single parents. Finances, family relationships, social roles, and living situations are some of the life altering changes that can feel as if a personal tsunami has washed ashore and washed away the life you knew. When dealing with such cataclysmic [...]

Wisdom for Single Mothers

I have been out of touch here for a bit of time while getting the manuscript of "Soul Mothers' Wisdom/Seven Insights for the Single Mother" ready for galley form. It's been a lot of work, but very gratifying. The galley has been in process of being read and is getting wonderful reviews. These comments and [...]

Boosting Your Parenting Know-How! Do You Know How?

Have you ever given in to the kids because you can't stand the pleading, you're sick of the bickering, you're worn down by the whining, or you're just plain worn down? Have you ever said "Yes"  to something you thought should be a "No" because it took too much energy to fight? Well, take heart. You [...]

Single Mothers: Parenting One Day at a Time in Autumn

Have you ever noticed how autumn brings so many changes in your children's lives--and yours? So much to attend to all at once. New grade in school, maybe a new school, maybe a nest fly-out, maybe school for the first time, soccer, football, tennis, ballet, modern dance, the class play, a visit to college, and [...]

Did You Know That There are Almost Ten Million Single Mothers?

Trekking the path of single motherhood can sometimes feel as if it is straight up the mountain with no help to cook and make camp. At times loneliness may feel like the only companion. However, we single mothers are strong, resilient, courageous women, blazing the trails for each other, and modeling the courage to carry [...]

Parenting and Patience: A Supply and Demand Situation

Did you know that many of the qualities needed for effective parenting, such as resilience, self-containment, and relaxed maturity exist within the realm of practicing patience-- a parenting commodity in high demand, and often short supply. I'd like to offer you a couple tips for increasing your supply of patience when the demand increases! These [...]

A Season to Bloom as a Single Parent

Did you know that it is possible to bloom as a single parent in any season-- even in summer when the kids are out of school? Staying aware of how various important factors affect your children and yourself can make your parenting skills a blooming success. Four of these critical factors are embodied in a clever acronym [...]

Me Time for Mom/Fun Time for Kids

Now you can let go of guilt (if you have it!) for wanting time away from your kids. Not only is it okay for kids to have some fun time on their own, it is a good way to build some independence and self-confidence in them and replenish  energy, enthusiasm and patience in you. In training [...]

Moms– Thrive in Connection and See Parenting Improve!

Married, partnered or single, moms are working hard in the home, outside of the home, and usually both! Often moms are so busy and stressed, that they may feel alone or isolated. Have you ever experienced thoughts like these or the feelings that go with them? “I’m going stir crazy just home alone all day [...]