Empowerment Thought for SIngle Moms–Finding the Voice of Deep Knowing

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Empowerment Thought for SIngle Moms–Finding the Voice of Deep Knowing

Your Voice of deep knowing is a voice of health and intuition. It is the inner sound of your peaceful soul that whispers healing truth to you in your darkest moments, and your lightest. It is possible to reach your inner voice even in the midst of turmoil.

When you quiet your mind through relaxation, meditation, prayer, or even some  ordinary relaxing activity like sitting by the fire or rocking on the porch swing, you will find a gift waiting for you. You can be freed from being hostage to circumstance and no longer will you have to be buffeted about by things others say and do. Rather you will have a solid foundation of self from which to steer your own course.

As life events unfold, you can stay centered in your knowing voice when fear and anger arise. When you stay connected to your core, you will grow and develop a new sense of being strong. You will no longer see yourself as a victim, or believe you are without choices, but you will have the courage and strength to deal with life. Once a single mother asked me, “How can I do more than just endure each day? I no longer want to be tied to circumstances.” I told her what I just told you and I added this:

To find your inner soul voice, try not to try too hard! Trying too hard creates noise in the mind that garbles the inner truth you need to hear. Also, refrain from judging the negative thoughts that come in so that you will be free from feeling like you are failing.

Just continue to affirm that you want to hear the truth, and practice noticing. You will get the idea–and the ideas! It is simple, just notice the intuitive thoughts and feel the exhilaration that comes from feeling free of negativity and the enjoyment that comes from experiencing a new sense of empowerment.

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