Getting Psyched for Every Day Life

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Getting Psyched for Every Day Life

Some time ago I received a postcard from a woman who had discovered her true psychic nature in one of my stress management groups. She told me that she had been using her psychic intuition to feel less anxious and remain hassle free. She was doing this by picturing herself peaceful and relaxed even in situations that usually aggravated her. She was delighted to report that it was working! She was using her own psychic powers to improve her every day life.

While many people think only psychics, or other special gifted individuals, have psychic powers, in fact,what seems to be a complex and mysterious gift is really quite ordinary. You do not have to suspend your own opinions and insights for those of a “psychic.” While valuable information can be brought forth in a true psychic reading, you might want to consider the possibility that you can be your own psychic.

All you have to do to be “psychic” is to learn to quiet your mind and listen to the intuition within.  To begin, find a spot where you feel pleasantly relaxed and peaceful. Next, try this. Picture yourself surrounded by brilliant light that soothes and heals your hurts and aches. As the light bathes and comforts you, you might bring to mind a problem that needs solving.

To facilitate your psychic knowing, you can suggest to yourself that whatever information you need to have for solving these problems will come to you during this time, (and/or maybe later when you will notice other thoughts or pictures spontaneously arising in your mind.) Now just allow yourself to be, letting  thoughts, sensations, and pictures to come in and go out of your thought stream. You do not need to hold these images or push them away.

All you need to do is to allow the thoughts to arise in your mind, and notice them. You might also see them on your internal mental screen. As you proceed, you may find that the ideas for, and impressions about, solutions contain kernels of helpfulness. As you become more adept at recognizing the “help” being given, you can learn how to use these insights to guide your actions and choices. Some people actually might “see” solutions appear on the mind’s inner screen. Try visualizing your mental screen anyway you wish while you are at the inner dimension, and see what plays.

In whatever form the insights come, what you are doing is tuning into your knowing psychic Self where you can find wisdom, imagination, creativity and psychic ability. You can practice this psychic exercise any time you wish and anywhere you wish. Just relax into the experience with a gentle breath and let your inner mind do the rest.

It might take a bit of practice, but as you become more used to psyching up in this way, you will find benefits.  Relaxing into your psychic powers can help restore energy, relieve stress and quell anxiety. Even a few moments spent this way can restore feelings of well being, as your true psychic nature draws your attention to the insights needed for coping, for problem solving and for living a more peaceful life.

Give it a try and let me know how it goes.


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