Have You Met Your Inner Problem Solver?

Have You Met Your Inner Problem Solver?

Have you been befuddled by a problem? Have you been muddled by a situation because you can see both sides of the issue, or maybe even three or four? Have you ever wished there was a wise advisor who could tell you what you really want to do? Well, believe it or not, wise advice may be closer than you realize.

Inside of your inner being resides wisdom that will tell you the truth, the wise knowing “voice” that is honest about what you think, what you want, and who you are. Although authentic guidance is there, we may not tune in or even pay attention to this “Soul voice” when it whispers in our ears. Then again,  even when we do recognize wisdom, we do not always believe in or trust what it offers because we may be switching our thoughts between all the points of view that muddled us up in the first place.

I have met up with with my personal problem solver many times, both intentionally and spontaneously. It happened when I knew it was time to close my Boston practice, although part of me did not want to leave, and it happens often when I am intuitively drawn to a certain street to find a parking spot. Big or little issues, mundane or critical situations, help is available anytime.

“So What?” You might say, ” I usually know what to do anyway.”

Indeed, that might be true, and if you have made the acquaintance of your inner problem solver, you might decide that you would like to continue to meet him/her or it any time you want to access authentic,  insightful guidance in all your situations or problems. If you would like to have easy access to a “user- friendly” inner guide, you can follow a few simple steps to meet up with your personal problem solver any time you wish. The important thing will be to listen to the advice and wisdom that will actually be coming from your own authentic Self.

These four steps constitute one of my favorite ways to meet your personal problem solver and find the soul wisdom it has to offer.

S. Settle yourself into a comfortable position and to go inside take one or two gentle breaths.

O. Open your mind to whatever comes in, allowing yourself to trust that you are doing this in exactly the right way.

U. Upload into your awareness any thoughts or information you desire, allowing anything that seems extraneous to fade away.

L. Let go of any negative thinking and remind yourself that what you are doing, receiving, and understanding is perfectly right for you.

Following this exercise, you can spend a few moments reviewing what you discovered, trusting that it was just the perfect information for you. You can apply it to your situation by thinking about potential outcomes and consequences from your choices. If you prefer, you can allow yourself to affirm that what you are feeling and thinking needs no action other than your deepestsurreal plants loving Self-acceptance.

For more about Soul Wisdom: “Soul Mothers’ Wisdom: Seven Insights for the Single Mother.”