Inner knowing: Have You Discovered Your Pathway to It?

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Inner knowing: Have You Discovered Your Pathway to It?

As a student of social work, I approached my courses hungry to understand what I could learn about human nature and what makes us all tick. But I wasn’t sure about “Research.” I knew that I needed to have some working knowledge of statistics and studies to understand the impact of their findings on my work, but zealous about this course? I was not.

Until, that is, I met the professor, a businessman who warned his class not to accept the scientific method as the only way to acquire knowledge or truth. His belief in the ability of the mind to know beyond concrete, factual knowing inspired our reading list that included such books as “The Tao of Physics,” and even a couple books by Carlos Castenada. This approach to knowing inspired me, as I embarked on yet another path into the realm of inner knowing that comes from the depth of heart and spirit, and can guide psychic awareness for decisions and choices that come from the Soul.

In her book, “Women Who Run With the Wolves,” Clarissa Pinkola Estes discusses the ancient understanding of the auditory nerve as having three pathways, one of which was believed to exist in order that the “soul itself might hear guidance and knowledge while here on earth.” Have you discovered this pathway to soul guidance? It can be found when you use your imagination, intuition and inner sentience to deeply comprehend a situation. Using your inner knowing with your outer factual knowing can be a powerful tool for understanding what makes you tick, and for living life well.

But sometimes inner knowing can feel elusive. One way to access it is to pay attention to hunches and the teeny whispered ideas that come into your mind. Often these thoughts have meaning that when applied to current circumstances can provide clarity. You might also pay attention to your dreams. Frances Vaughn, author of “Awakening Intuition,” says, “Dreams often contain the seeds of future possibilities, and reflect what is unfolding from within us…”

Another pathway to inner knowing is mindful meditation. When you still the mind, you can be impressed with ideas, gut-feelings, and information that might otherwise get lost in the chaos of living. Some people, like my colleague, actually “hear” guidance in the  inner mind. This feature of inner knowing is called “clairaudience.” My friend told me she woke up one night to hear in her mind: “You will leave this job, and start a practice, and you will be successful.”  Believing that this guidance came from her Soul’s truth, she followed it and found exactly the right path for her work.

One interesting way to draw on your inner knowing pathway is to imagine the wise part of yourself as a “consultant.” You can imagine him/her/it as a person, animal, or even a thing that you really know or a “being” you make up.  Still your mind first with relaxation or formal or informal meditation. Then, use your inner senses to see and hear your consultant. Ask questions, discuss a problem, and listen to your own inner voice coming via your consultant. When you reorient to the outer dimension, you can apply your concrete, factual thinking to your inner knowing  to bring about creative ideas and effective solutions.

Give it a try and let me know how it goes.




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