Inspirations for Single Moms: You Can Use Your Soul-ar Power

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Inspirations for Single Moms: You Can Use Your Soul-ar Power

I am working on the idea of Soul-ar powered parenting for my book, “Soul Mothers’ Wisdom…”  I think that the idea of “Soul-ar power” captures the essence of what it means to use all your resources as a parent (and as a person!)–your head, your heart, as well as those inner whispers that tell you what is authentic about you and how you really want to live your life–your soul.

Let’s face it, parenting is hard; and being a single parent is really hard! I brought up my children as a single mother since they were very small. I had some family support and help along the way, but mostly I was on my own. I needed to grow into, and be, a strong, mature, sensible woman who could make good choices for my children, for me, and for us.  I needed both practical strategies and the inner guidance from my “soul.”

Soul insight and soul-ar power comes from knowing what is best and correct, as opposed to just deciding to do what you want to do to get even with someone, teach someone a lesson, or prove how much better you are than someone else! The insightful clarity from your inner being, when used to choose action strategies that are common sensible, AND  effective, constitutes your  “soul-ar power.”

Have you found and used your soul-ar power? I would be interested in hearing what you think of my idea. Also perhaps you can tell me in what ways you have accessed and used your inner wisdom to make decisions. In my opinion, your soul-are power is your most vital operating system; for without your soul clarity, you are apt to make choices out of anger, fear or resentment. And bear this in mind–your kids need clear thinking mothers. Research shows that kids become healthier emotionally, and do better behaviorally when their mothers are doing better. Soul-ar power helps you to do better, and to be your best self.

Would you like to take a moment to breathe and relax?  In the stillness of quiet moments, you can find the inner soul place from which soul-ar powered insights will emerge. All you need to do is merely notice the negative thoughts, the fears and all the things you think that make you worried or upset, and allow them to come and go. As you do this, the clear thinking and wise knowing thoughts will come in. You can use these insights to guide you to right actions; those actions that steer your life in the right direction for YOU!

These are the actions that solve problems, and do not bring you more problems than the problems themselves. Try it. You’ll like it.

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