Landing on a Strange Planet

//Landing on a Strange Planet

Landing on a Strange Planet

I have just connected my very new Facebook page with my not-so-new blog. Not having “grown up” with the terrain of social media, I find myself feeling like I have landed on a strange planet. What will I find here? Will the connection connect with what I think it is connecting with? As I rove around the cyber world of Facebook–and its relationship to my blog–I wonder what discoveries I will make?

Many of you already inhabit this planet, but I am a newcomer, and truthfully, I have resisted visiting. But the time has come. I am eager to have a voice in the ethers. My interest in single mothers, and my passion about parenting, coping with stress, and developing psychic ability, have made me ready to blast off into this vast space of still-being-charted territory.

I know I am going to have some culture shock. This is to be expected, but I look forward to become accustomed to this new world. I hope I will learn the language and be able to communicate what is so important to me. Please let me know how you think I am doing!

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