Love–you can find it!

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Love–you can find it!

Love…..You want it, maybe you thought you had it, maybe you do have it and want it to last, and you can tell when it is the real thing!

How? Well, it is different for everyone and often single moms (and many people in general!) are looking for love in all the wrong places. But here are some key ways to tell if  your new (or old) relationship has a good chance. Look for the following signs.

1. Your new love is genuinely interested in your children and not just in being alone with you.

2. Your new love appreciates the many pulls on your limited amount of free time.

3. Your new love does not tease you about your mothering as a way of putting you down.

4. Your new love speaks kindly to your children.

5. Your new love offers support as well as a night to take you out for fun and relaxation.

6. Your new love does not pressure you for sex when your kids are likely to overhear.

7. Your new love does not pressure you for sex when you are overwhelmed, tired or the moment is not right.

8. Your new love understands the importance of balancing time with children on both sides.

9. Your new love encourages his and your kids to know each other with out playing favorites.

10. Your new love honors your interests and does not tell you to give them up in favor of his.

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