Real Inner Power: Do You Have It?

Whether by chance, circumstance or choice, most people go through situational upheavals when they become single parents. Finances, family relationships, social roles, and living situations are some of the life altering changes that can feel as if a personal tsunami has washed ashore and washed away the life you knew.

When dealing with such cataclysmic circumstances, real inner power is one of the most vital survival tools a person can have. The funny thing about real inner power, however, is that you don’t always know you have it until you look back and become aware of the strengths that got you through whatever you just got through.

Surprisingly, inner strength embodies an amazing paradox. For when you cope with the inner strength of resilience and courage, the pain of difficult times can transform your struggles into the substance of real power. Then, inner power can in turn power up your resilience and strength, providing you with more inner power to face the next wave of whatever.

I think of real inner power as having five key facets that can lead to inner strength. “Soul Mothers’ Wisdom: Seven Insights for the Single Mother” offers insights and tips for developing these five facets.

Here is a brief synopsis of five keys to real inner power.

1. Ability to stay connected to your sense of being a whole self.

2. Ability to use strategic problem solving skill, such as the “SOLVE” method.

3. Ability to access deeper intuitive (psychic) guidance.

4. Ability to take personal responsibility for your own choices.

5. Having faith in a power greater than yourself.



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