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This workshop will introduce participants to the relationship between stress and burnout. Attendees will learn simple, effective self-care strategies for banishing burnout and achieving balance in life.

Participants will be introduced to the ABCD’s of stress, six safe stress survival tips and techniques for getting released from “thinking traps.”

Relax and Learn Seminars is a modular Stress Management program that can be presented as separate seminars or as a two or multiple day experience.

Modular parts can be mixed and matched, depending on the interests of the organization.

Mix and Match Modules

  • The ABCD’s of Stress.
  • Six Quick Coping Tips: Betcha You Can Beat Stress Before it Beats You!
  • Thinking Traps: Identifying, Avoiding and Escaping.
    Coping With Anger/What To Do and Say When Seeing Red!
  • Four Styles of Effective Communicating
  • How to Make AWEsome Changes Happen
  • Using the Non-rational Dimension of the Mind: Inner WISDOM
  • Accessing Intuition/Creativity/Imagination: Using Hunches and Right/Left Brain Power
  • NIXING NEGATIVITY/ Recognizing and Changing Counter Productive Thoughts
  • NOTICING What Works/Awareness Makes Awesome Changes
  • ENHANCING Work Performance: ENERGIZE Yourself, Your Co-Workers, and Employees. (Effective Correcting and Encouraging)


  • Six Strategies for Managing Yourself and Dealing with Others
  • Improving RESILIENCE/ Skills for Effective Adaptation
  • Strategic Coping/Managing Stress For All Seasons
  • The Fundamental Principles of D-Stress-ing.
  • Using the Mind-Body connection for Inspired Coping
  • Burnout Prevention 101
  • How To Recognize and Avoid Getting Trapped in Negative Thinking
  • How To Re-energize with Simple Relaxation Techniques that Adjust Attitude and Emotions
  • How To Manage Conflicts Effectively—Getting Through the Crunches without Falling Apart
  • Coping Effectively with ANGER/ Stay AWARE, Say “NO” to “Losing it,” Get a GRIP, Keep Your ENERGY Boosted, RISE Above the BS!