Single Moms: We Have Soul in Our Stories

Single Moms: We Have Soul in Our Stories

My personal story added a chapter today. I finished the draft for the last chapter of my book, “Soul Mothers’ Wisdom/Seven Insights for the Single Mother.” I have sent it off to my faithful readers for comments and ideas, but the idea of “Soul” is still full forward in my thoughts. It is such an important aspect of authentic Self and wisdom. I would like to share a few thoughts about the Soul in our stories.

I like to think of single mothers as Soul mothers, partly for the play on words, and mostly because it is the depth of wisdom that comes from inner Self that helps single moms to do one of the most difficult jobs on the planet. Soul mothers live daily in the material world of chores, expectations, and demands. They are busy, often working outside jobs as well as trying to do the best job they can with the kids at home.

Soul mothers know how to cultivate and use the inner strengths of their intuition in order to cope with these material demands and make the best lives they can for themselves and for their children. Throughout the course of their stories, single mothers often yearn for easier times, but as Soul mothers, they know how to maintain a connection to inner spirit to help them manage the struggles and the stress.

Soul mothers know the relief and comfort they get from connection to a spiritual presence higher than Self. Many choose to call this presence G-d, but if you call it “Good,” or any other name that you understand to be the “higher power-of-your-understanding” you have surely connected to the essence of love and goodness that is the source of all wisdom.

Connection to inner spirit– to your Soul wisdom– can provide relief for single mothers when we most need to trust that we have the confidence and competence to face our current and future problems. With the insights of inner sprit, we can trust that we are acquiring greater ability to make choices out of the best interests of all concerned, including ourselves. We can more fully trust that circumstances are evolving toward our higher good, even in the most difficult of times.

I am curious to know in what ways single moms who are reading this have found their connections to inner spirit and to the comfort of a higher source? Would you write and tell me how this has worked to give you courage, comfort and peace, and insights for coping, when you have been troubled, or when you have felt lost.

Part of the wisdom in my own story has been the gift of knowing beyond a doubt that I wanted/needed to share what I have learned in my own single mother journey. Thanks to my Higher Power, who has guided me not to give up when I have been overwhelmed or frustrated, the book will be out sometime in 2014.

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