Single Mothers: The Most Valuable Players Every Day

//Single Mothers: The Most Valuable Players Every Day

Single Mothers: The Most Valuable Players Every Day

Every day single mothers are on the scene, usually behind the scenes, doing one of, if not  the, hardest job on the planet, going mostly unrecognized for their tremendous contribution to their families and communities. But last week the NBA’s pick for most valuable player of the 2014 season, Kevin Durant, brought to light the value of single mothers.

In an emotional testimony to his mom, a single mother who scrimped and saved so he could succeed, Durant named his mom the most valuable player. In honoring his single mother so sincerely and publicly, Durant made his mother’s day, and proclaimed what we all know, and often tend to forget, about the value of single mothers. Every day you can read another story that confirms and affirms the amazing work, (unpaid!) that these women are doing

Today, as we celebrate mothers, it might be a good time to take a moment to consider what it takes to do the single mother job every day? There is little to no respite for single mothers, and while their parenting responsibilities might change as the kids get older, the worries, the work, the wondering do not cease. Single moms are in the trenches, often living below the poverty line, and yet managing to survive and to keep their children on track for success.

In those quiet moments, in our own minds and hearts, we might consider the valuable contributions all single moms (including single grand moms) give to their kids and to society every day. When we continue to honor our mothers, and our single mothers, the value of single mothers in our society can become recognized. The stigmas can fade, disempowerment can diminish, and more support can be offered for these incredible women.

Once in a while a single mother raises a Kevin Durant, but every day we are raising wonderful kids. Every day we are doing our best to see that they thrive and become the best they can be at whatever they choose to do. What greater job, what greater gift, can there be? It is hard work, it is tiring, and it is often grueling. But it can be incredibly satisfying, and it should be honored, on Mother’s Day and everyday.

Kudos to all mothers. And special mention to those everyday most valuable players–single moms!  Have a wonderful day!





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