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Bette’s Blog will be dedicated to providing single parents with insights, information, and strategies to help you solve problems, deal with difficult situations and continue to grow into maturity, wisdom and Self-Strength. Bette will provide a smorgasbord of ideas for guidance and inspiration as you do one of the hardest jobs on the planet.

Psyching Up For Everyday Life

Psychics are often thought to have unusual powers. In fact, there is such a mystique surrounding “the psychic dimension” that many people are willing to suspend their own opinions and decisions for the “insights” and “intuition” of the psychic. Of course valuable material can be brought forth in a reading and there are many talented readers. However, have you considered that YOU are psychic? If [...]

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Success in September

September transitions raise adaptational challenges for adults and for kids. As responsibilities and activities ramp, the realities and memories of “business as usual” bring up stressors and the need for appropriate adaptation. Although often considered unwelcomed, stress can actually motivate utilization of existing coping resources and inspire the courage to develop new ones. Building on resilience is a fruitful way to manage these seasonal changes. [...]

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Storing the Light: Restoring the Soul

Summer brings bright days of delight, of enjoying of the sun’s warm rays. While thinking about how fast these sweet days go by, it occurred to me that light is a kind of time traveler, emanating from its source in the past, arriving at its destination far into the future.   If light can last the long time it takes to reach us, I thought, [...]

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Single Parents: Three Tips for Creating Self Wholeness

Single Parents, You are  doing one of the hardest jobs known to mankind or womankind. And in the middle of the job at times you might forget who you are. But take heart, for you are more than an extension of your children. You are you--a whole person, even though in the middle of the night with a sick kid you may feel like your [...]

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What About Soul Wisdom Consultations?

My friend who reads Tarot says that people ask her for a "psychic reading."  I tell them that I'm not the typical "psychic," she says. Then she goes on to say to me, "You are the psychic." Well, it is true that I have done hundreds of readings, but neither am I your typical psychic-- whatever that is. I suppose the word conjures up flashing [...]

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A Mother’s Travels To Wisdom

Reprinted with permission from on 3-18-16 Can you imagine traveling in time and returning to the present with the gift of a new perspective? Going back to your past might help you realize a solution to a current problem, while going forward might comfort you with guidance from a wise great grandmother, your own inner elder. If you met this wise older woman, what would you [...]

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Have You Met Your Inner Problem Solver?

Have you been befuddled by a problem? Have you been muddled by a situation because you can see both sides of the issue, or maybe even three or four? Have you ever wished there was a wise advisor who could tell you what you really want to do? Well, believe it or not, wise advice may be closer than you realize. Inside of your inner [...]

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New Book Review

Samburu mother and child, Kenya Africa I am delighted to share the link to my interview on themommystories blog. Thank you Angela Avery. Here's to all the moms who are doing the most amazing job on the planet! Here is an excerpt She is so incredibly wise, thoughtful, intuitive and strong - all things that we everyday mommas look up to in someone [...]

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