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Soul Mother’s Wisdom

Do You Know That You Have Soul Wisdom?

Now I know what I did not know when I first became a single mother. I know that Soul wisdom is always inside, and it is possible to go through many experiences, some difficult and some uplifting, before you fully recognize that you have it.

I now know that in order for my life path to bring me to recognize and more fully utilize the wisdom of my true Self, I had to learn that the role of Single Mother had gifts to give me. Being a single mom would teach me what it means to be a “Me” separate from any other person, separate from the identity of a ‘husband” or “partner,” and yet available for healthy relationship connection. In order to help my two young children grown and develop, it was vital that I engage in a process of becoming whole myself. But when my marriage ended….

I was not whole. Although now I know that even though I felt weak, I was stronger than I thought I was. Then I felt like I was in little pieces. I did not know Me. I just knew that I did not want to be a single mother. At that time I did not understand that I did have strengths, and that the strengths I had would help me find more strengths and resilience that I did not think I possessed. I did not yet realize that I was going to grow more than I ever believed possible.

As a woman and as a single mother, you also possess wisdom, strength and resilience. Some of these inner resources you know you have, and some of which you are just discovering. Please know that your Soul wisdom can move you far on the path to your authentic Self, and that your Self guidance can give you the courage and hope you need to thrive.

In my book “Soul Mothers’ Wisdom: Seven Insights for the Single Mother” you will find tips, strategies and exercises to help you learn how to access your soul wisdom and the inner guidance that will help you to live a more fulfilling life. SMW can also become your own personal journal so that you can record the successes of your journey to Soul Mother Wisdom.

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