Soul Mothers’ Wisdom–The Book!

Soul Mothers’ Wisdom–The Book!


I am thrilled to announce that Soul Mothers’ Wisdom: Seven Insights for the Single Mother has officially been published by Pearlsong Press.

The book will be available in paperback and ebook on March 1st. I think that there is a “peek inside the book” already on Amazon.

I am also very happy to tell you that I will be discussing and reading from Soul Mothers’ Wisdom at Porter Square Books in Cambridge on Friday, March 20th at 7 p.m. I would be so honored and delighted for you to come.

I will also be reading and discussing on April 8 at the South Berwick Library. Our library is a community-supported renovation of a beautiful church. The library is unique and worth seeing.  I hope many people will come to hear me and to see our gorgeous library.

A Note about my website:
Soon this website will be changing and you will be able to see much more about the work I am doing.

One of the services being featured on the new website is called “Intuitve Guidance.” Many of you know that I have experience doing what I used to call, and many others called, “psychic readings.”

In addition to the parenting tips for single mothers (and dads!) in  “Soul Mothers’ Wisdom,” I tell the story of my introduction to the psychic aspect of mind, and the various ways in which my own intuitive wisdom has affected my life. It is important to me to legitimize the existence of the psychic dimension of mind and demonstrate that it is as important as the analytical function of the brain. The intuitive “non-rational” aspect of mind, when integrated with insights from a clinical “rational” perspective, offers a magnificent tool for knowing yourself better and managing your life more effectively,

Sadly, the word “psychic” carries a tinge of fakery, even though it refers to mind and soul. Thus, I am re-naming my intuitive “readings” as “Intuitive Guidance.”

Intuitive guidance can be offered as a one-time intuitive (old-fashioned “reading” ) during which I will use my intuition to offer you guidance; and/or it can be a multi-session consultation to assist you to develop and apply your own soul wisdom.

Please note: I do not consider myself to be “a fortune teller,” as in the more stereotypical definition of “a psychic.” Intuitive guidance is all about “soul wisdom.”

Intuitive guidance sessions can be a holistic experience and whole lot of fun!


  1. Valerie Kemp February 7, 2015 at 2:13 pm

    That is wonderful Bette!! Congratulations!

  2. bjfreedson February 7, 2015 at 2:19 pm

    Thank you, Valerie!
    All the best to you,

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