Soul Mothers’ Wisdom–The Book!


Soul Mothers’ Wisdom: Seven Insights for Single Mothers will be available on March 1, 2015 from Pearlsong Press and from Amazon. Where else? I will let you know.

SMW contains many stories from my own life as a single mother, including my discovery of my psychic gifts. You will also read inspirational stories of other single mothers, including the story of Barbara who courageously rebuilt her entire life in more ways than one.

Soul Mothers’ Wisdom— the book, contains strategies and tips for parenting and for finding your own psychic insights. There are  ideas for reflection and insight after every chapter. The book is also designed to become a personal journal for the reader.

I hope those of you who read Soul Mothers’ Wisdom will find it a comforting companion for your own journey. let me know the impact, effect and influence (hopefully, positive!) that these insights have on your own insights, on your parenting and on your life.

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