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About Bette J. Freedson, author of
Soul Mothers’ Wisdom/Seven Insights for the Single Mother

Bette Freedson became a separated single mother in 1978, a divorced single mother in 1979, a professional social worker in 1982, and a divorced “widow” in 1983. As single motherhood and clinical social work ran parallel, Bette became increasingly fascinated by how people deal with adversity and integrate life experiences. She came to understand that, as a single mother, she needed coping skills, intuitive wisdom, and the elasticity of resilience to successfully raise two healthy daughters while maturing into her authentic Self. As her soul mother journey unfolded, Bette discovered insights for becoming a strong woman, learned skills for being an effective single mother, and developed a passionate purpose for helping other single mothers to appreciate who they are and enjoy the life they are living.

In Soul Mothers’ Wisdom, Bette shows single mothers how to face life’s difficulties with heart and soul, and how to handle problems with the Self that “knows.” This wisdom that resides in the authentic Self will guide the single mother into emotional health, cradle her with comfort, and uplift her into abiding peace.