Today’s Fun–“Intuition Nutrition”

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Today’s Fun–“Intuition Nutrition”

rosesI had a lovely experience today being a guest on Jennifer Hill’s show on Portsmouth Public Media TV. “Intuition Nutrition” is a show she created to match her interest in healthy eating and inspirational nutrition for the mind and the soul.

A warm and charming host, Jen gave me lots of space to talk about “Soul Mothers” Wisdom,”  and I watched her make a yummy watermelon and mint smoothie which we sipped while we talked.

At the end of the show, Jen asked what I would like to say to the single parent viewers. My answer was: “You CAN do it, and you and your children can thrive! With practical strategies and inner wisdom, you can become a Soul Wisdom mother–or father!”

You can watch the fun here:

Check in with Portsmouth Public Media TV in mid-June and you can see and hear the interview. I hope you enjoy it.


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