Top Tips for Single Mothers

//Top Tips for Single Mothers

Top Tips for Single Mothers

Do you wonder sometimes how you are going to make it through a long day, or whether you will find true love–again, or for the first time? Well, you will make it through the day and you might find that true love. But the top tips for single moms have to do with loving yourself, loving the moment you are in and not sweating the small stuff. Simple, yes. Easy, maybe.

Here are my top tips for surviving and thriving single motherhood.

1. Think right! Too often single moms feel like they are a part of a whole that used to exist or never existed. If you have been in an emotionally or verbally abusive relationships, the negative comments might have stuck to you like glue. Time to cast out these demons!

This is right thinking: You are a wonderful woman, not dependent on a man for your identity or your wellbeing, even if it would be nice to have one for some extra cash!

2. Your children have a good chance of being okay if you take good care of yourself as well as of them–an even better chance if you follow the next three tips.

3. Keep adult business in the adult world. If you need to complain about your ex husband, boyfriend, girlfriend, etc. tell your best friend, or your next best friend but NOT the kids!

4. Keep your home and your kids’ routines as consistent as possible, even though you want to tear your hair out and scream, “leave me alone!”

5. Don’t!

For even better results, use the next three!

6. Make time for yourself even if only an hour, to read, take a bath, listen to music, talk to a friend. An hour may seem like a lot when you are overwhelmed. A break might be just 10 minutes to vegg out!

7. Create a support network in your community. Enlist family, if you have them around; but if not, your child’s school has a network of parents that you can connect with like PTA or PTO. If you are working, you may find co-workers or neighbors who can help. When I was bringing up my two girls by myself, my neighbor came over two days a week when I was working to help with dinner, homework etc.

8. Find a way to build a psychic connection with your own inner guidance. Meditation, relaxation exercises, prayer are great ways to connect with wisdom inside of your Self. But you can get the same quiet results by rocking on a rocking chair, sitting on the stoop and watching the traffic, walking, listening to your favorite music, or doing anything that will still your mind.

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