What About Soul Wisdom Consultations?

//What About Soul Wisdom Consultations?

What About Soul Wisdom Consultations?

My friend who reads Tarot says that people ask her for a “psychic soul-blog2reading.”  I tell them that I’m not the typical “psychic,” she says. Then she goes on to say to me, “You are the psychic.”

Well, it is true that I have done hundreds of readings, but neither am I your typical psychic– whatever that is. I suppose the word conjures up flashing neon hands, and mysteriously covered dark velvet doorways that promise tea leaves, palm readings and wonder. Those “real” psychics may give great readings, but that’s not my presentation or that of my friend.

We would typically read for people in a much more conservative setting. She is a psychiatrist and I am a clinical social worker, a psychotherapist, teacher and an author. We are not fortune tellers, but indeed, we do have intuition and we do use fun tools, such as her Tarot or my Runes, or my psychometry, which would be reading a piece of jewelry or some other object.

Actually, I had given up doing “psychic” readings for a few years, or maybe just did a few and kept a low profile, because I wanted to make sure my clinical work was not tainted with the leftover stigma of whatever negative connotation some might attribute to “psychic.” However, as I have become a more seasoned therapist and an experienced hypnotherapist, I have found myself missing providing readings, for they can actually be an effective tool in therapy and a  growth inspiration on their own.

My “Soul Wisdom” consultations are conversations (although I might do most of the talking) designed to offer guidance, insight and help with a direction or a dilemma. they are intended to be useful and helpful. However, I won’t be trying to “analyze” you or do therapy without you noticing it! That being said, if you do notice some benefit, if you shift into a lighter state of mind or find a solution to a problem, that would be terrific!

My “Soul Wisdom Consultations” are fun, fascinating and sometimes when I get a name right or identify something that is deeply meaningful, you might say a little fantastic. But I am not trying to amaze you with things that I could not have known. In fact, I could know you for ten years and still read for you. The key is the growth-oriented, heart-centered, soul wisdom intended way I tune in and present my readings. And rest assured, no doomsday prophecy. Over the years I have helped many people recover from such scary readings.

Nevertheless, the future is always a topic for discussion and I do not mind casting forth a few hunches as long as you understand that I really have no idea whether I might be right or wrong. Clairvoyance is only seeing clearly, and I see as clearly as I can and offer those insights to you with as much clarity as possible.

If you are interested, you can contact me at bjfreedson@gmail.com and I’ll be happy to tell you more or schedule a reading for you.

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