Wisdom for Single Mothers

I have been out of touch here for a bit of time while getting the manuscript of “Soul Mothers’ Wisdom/Seven Insights for the Single Mother” ready for galley form. It’s been a lot of work, but very gratifying. The galley has been in process of being read and is getting wonderful reviews. These comments and endorsements can be seen on the Pearlsong Press website.  pearlsong.com/bette_freedson.htm

And here is a sample. This is a really lovely blurb from J. Wesley Boyd, M.D., PhD, author of Almost Addicted and faculty member in psychiatry, Harvard Medical School.

“Bette Freedson has written a winner in Soul Mothers’ Wisdom. Her numerous insights and suggestions—gleaned from her own experience as a single mother as well as her years of practicing psychotherapy—are infused with compassion and wisdom. Her goal is to have women not just survive single parenting but instead thrive, and she succeeds wonderfully. Soul Mothers’ Wisdom is thus the go-to guidebook for anyone navigating these often confusing and painful waters.”

And…here are two small excerpts from the book.

Parenting experts agree that when mothers operate from a solid core of authentic Self and a rich supply of wisdom, their children have a better chance of developing into well-adjusted adults.

The purpose and promise of Soul Mother Wisdom is this. On this journey, you can learn to appreciate the woman you are and enjoy the life you are living. You will develop an operating base for all occasions. As you evolve into an increasingly wise and successful single mother, you will be guided by an inner strong Self that knows how to think and act in your best interest and the interest of your children.

March 1st is the “delivery” date. Many of those reading the galleys have told me that the information in the book is fundamental to all single parents, indeed all parents. It is my sincere hope that many single mothers, and parents in general, might be helped by reading this book.



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