You Are Psychic!

It is now less than three months until the publication of “Soul Mothers’ Wisdom:Seven Insights for the Single Mother.”  In Insight Five of SMW you will learn that the psychic power of mind is not magic, but a built-in mental tool that can be used to beat stress and offer guidance for all your problems.

In other words, you are psychic and this ability is available to you when you trust you have it–and learn to use it! But being psychic is one thing. Using your psychic ability is another. The “using” part takes practice. You will need to learn how to tune into your psychic streaming network, trust that your inner wisdom has guidance to offer, and learn how to “listen” and interpret the information.

However, being psychic is not as mysterious and otherworldly as some of us (like me!) would like it to be. In some ways being psychic is rather ordinary and can help with ordinary things. For example, psychic ability might inform you of the right time to make a phone call, or it might help you know who is calling you. More importantly, your psychic intuition might help you know the right decision to make in a difficult situation. And of course, sometimes psychic experiences can feel a little more eerie, like when you feel like someone is going to get in touch, and shortly thereafter– they do!

Although SMW is dedicated to single moms, many of those reviewing the galleys have told me that much of what the book says is relevant to all parents, even all people. So it is with chapter five. In Insight Five you might find just the ideas you are looking for to help you access and apply you psychic ability. After all, you ARE psychic.

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