A Season to Bloom as a Single Parent

Did you know that it is possible to bloom as a single parent in any season– even in summer when the kids are out of school? Staying aware of how various important factors affect your children and yourself can make your parenting skills a blooming success. Four of these critical factors are embodied in a clever acronym I learned a number of years ago.

HALT! (H-hungry, A-angry, L-lonely, T-tired) has helped me manage stress in all seasons.

HALT reminds me to stop and think when I am stressed. What is bothering me? Which one or ones of these four emotional experiences is causing me stress? Am I ready to do  something to solve the problem? And if so, what? Or do I feel like just feeling bad? It’s okay if I do.

It is true that eating a snack if you are H. might be easier than dealing with a difficult situation with your former partner if you are A, or if you are L.. However, remembering to HALT, and think about what is going on, can help you to choose what to do–or not to do.

When you HALT, you can better manage your stress. Better managing your stress will allow you to be more effective in your life. Being more effective in life can help you bloom as a single parent.

Also bear in mind. Sometimes kids are hungry, angry, lonely and tired too. Thinking wisely about these factors as they relate to your children can fertilize the blooming of  your parenting strategies in any weather.

To be continued…


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