A Word of Hope for Single Mothers: Faith in the Midst of Struggle

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A Word of Hope for Single Mothers: Faith in the Midst of Struggle

If you are a single mother searching for resolution in the midst of a struggle, have faith. You are doing the hardest job on the planet. Very likely you are exhausted, and you may have had some deep disappointments. But underneath it all, you have the willingness and courage to wake up each day and do what has to be done.

Bringing up children as a single parent is not easy. And when you are frustrated and discouraged, having faith in some sort of power greater than yourself may be hardest of all. After all, a Higher Power is not going to change diapers, pick up your first grader, or make supper. However, a conscious connection with your higher power ( of your own personal understanding) can give you hope, instill trust that you can prevail, and help you intuit the sources and resources to resolve that troubling dilemma. Especially when things look the bleakest, you might find it helpful to make a relationship with an entity greater than yourself by finding a moment of stillness.

By looking inside and affirming the amazingly strong person that you are, you can affirm your authentic Self and find comfort that goes beyond understanding.  To try this, you do not have to be religious or follow some consensus of what or who “G-d” is. Just sit in your rocking chair, soak in the tub, take a walk down the street, or listen to your favorite music. Do whatever helps you to find stillness, and ask for a moment of peace. Then, imagine what peace might feel like, and you will enter the blessed realm of peace, even for a minute.

When you take a few moments to sit in stillness, allowing your inner mind to connect to your personal sense of serenity, you may be surprised (or you may not be surprised) to discover that you can find the inner power to transcend day to day drudgery and more effectively manage the overwhelming demands of single parenting. Feel the replenishing power of consciously connecting to a greater power than yourself. Trust your trust, and enjoy it; for you may be amazed at what will follow.

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