Stress Management Through Intuitive Development

//Stress Management Through Intuitive Development
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spring sunsetWe all have a part of our mind that Bette refers to as the “psychic” Dimension.” This is the part of our mind that gives us our intuition and that can help us manage stress. Some people think that only “real psychics” have intuitive skill, but anyone can develop intuitive ability and can learn how to use it to feel better and to do better. Bette’s teaches stress management through intuitive development by helping her students learn how to recognize and utilize the receptive “psychic” information that they receive. This Self-guidance can help you cope with stress and live a more peaceful life. In her book “Soul Mothers’ Wisdom” Bette tells the story of her own intuitive development and how it helped her to manage the extremely stressful circumstances of single motherhood. Contact Bette here for a consultation on developing your own intuitive ability.