Did You Know That There are Almost Ten Million Single Mothers?

Did You Know That There are Almost Ten Million Single Mothers?

Trekking the path of single motherhood can sometimes feel as if it is straight up the mountain with no help to cook and make camp. At times loneliness may feel like the only companion. However, we single mothers are strong, resilient, courageous women, blazing the trails for each other, and modeling the courage to carry on.

There are many variations of single motherhood, and one basic common denominator. To be a qualified single mom you are on the front lines, raising your children on your own, if not all of the time, indeed, most of the time.

You may be separated, divorced, or widowed. You might even be a married single mother, with a husband or partner away at war or traveling for business. If your husband is ill or emotionally unavailable, you qualify. You could be re-partnered, or even remarried, and still qualify.
Some of you may have taken the courageous step to adopt or bear a child as a single woman.

My book “Soul

Mothers’ Wisdom:Seven Insights for the Single Mother” to be published in early March 2015 is for you. I have written this book because I have a story to tell, and ideas to offer. In my book, I will share my story, my struggle and the wisdom I have acquired. I hope to inspire you that this difficult job is doable and, with strategies and intuition, is able to be done well.

You too have a story. Please share your stories with me, so that we can light beacons of hope for the unique cadre of creative, hardworking, loving women who are the true “soul mothers.”

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