My Favorite Prayers and the Answers to Them (aka: My Sanity “Plea”)

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My Favorite Prayers and the Answers to Them (aka: My Sanity “Plea”)

Sanity is a good thing. But for us regular people, who are clinically “sane,” what does it mean to be “sane?” Here is the type of sanity that I pray for to help me act and be “sane” on daily basis. Amazing answers have come, and still come, to these prayers.

I bet you also have some great ideas about what it means to be “sane;” and I would love to hear them. What does this mean to you? Please let me know.

1. I pray to have a center of self that holds me together when I face the daily minors and majors of aggravation, frustration and consternation. The answer to this prayer is that fewer situations get to me, and when they do, I stay upset for shorter durations.

2. I pray to have enough resilience to see my way through adversity, as I did when I was separated, and divorced, and when my former husband died in his late thirties, leaving me to parent two little girls virtually by myself. The answer to this prayer is greater confidence in my ability to bounce back from difficulty.

3. I pray to have awareness of my emotions as they arise in response to various situations. Being aware of what I am feeling gives me this answer: the ability to act in ways that serve the situation, rather than act out of fear, resentment, or anger. The answer to this prayer is that I have a greater range of problem solving options and skills.

4. I pray that my higher power will do for me what I cannot do for myself, which is to provide me with inner peace when I face my demons. I know that conscious contact with my Higher Power can uplift my spirit into the realm of serenity. The answer to this prayer is that I get depressed less often, and when I am blue, I know whose lap into which to lay my burdens.

5. I pray for the  wisdom to know what I can control and what I cannot. I could not control what happened to my former spouse, but I could control the choices I made when I was bringing up the children as a single mother. I chose to do my best to keep the kids uncontaminated by hurt, sadness and fear when these emotions arose in me. The answer to this prayer has been adult children who are functioning well and contributing to the well being of others.

6. I pray to grow always into greater strength in my Self. My life has unfolded in stages, as life does for us all. In each stage or phase there have been lessons to be learned. I do my best to stay aware of what my life is teaching me in whatever phase I am currently living.  The answer to this prayer is that I can feel my Self growing more solid and centered as life unfolds.

7. I pray to never lose sight of my intrinsic worth as a person. It has taken dedication and determination to strengthen my core of Self so that I maintain my composure when hurt or upset by others or by events. My sense of worth and my self-esteem increases when I maintain a realistic view of circumstances and of my expectation of others. The answer to this prayer comes when no one else’s thought or opinion can diminish the me  I see  in my own eyes.

8. I pray that when my attitude is positive and balanced and my outlook is as free of resentments as possible, I will know the best action to take. This motivates me to continue to build a solid, sane core of Self that will see me through whatever life deals out with an attitude that keeps me focused and hopeful. The answer to this prayer is greater relief from emotional pain.

As one of my psychic teachers, Ramona Garcia, used to say– after you say the prayers, you have to do the footwork. In other words, let your inner spirit show you the correct way, as you take the steps to solve a problem or deal with a situation. Your HP will carry you forward and you will be amazed at the results.

Oh, and here’s my other favorite prayer.

“Higher Power, please put your arm around my shoulder and your hand over my mouth.”

I like to use this one at the moment when I need to stop and think, but would prefer to react. These two applied together are powerful. Use them and watch your ability to cope and thrive increase by spiritual leaps and bounds! These two little prayers can work wonders in your life. The answers will come!

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