Single Parents’ Day

Single Parents’ Day

Yesterday was single parents’ day! Finally a day to honor the hard work and extraordinary parenting skill and artistry of single parents, who keep all the balls in the air to do so much for their children. It ain’t easy.

I have been thinking a lot about single parenting, as I always do. Having been a single mother for over 17 years, and then a remarried single mother now for many years, I am always amazed at the way in which being a parent in a single parent family is a never ending journey.

I am fortunate to have a husband who loves my children and has become a true grandfather to our grandchildren. However, getting to this point encompassed many years of trials and tribulations, all of which required my attention, energy, and determination; and all of which prodded and propelled me into becoming more of who I truly am.

During the central core of those incredibly difficult years, I went through 3 years of graduate school to get a degree in social work. I started two private practices, sent my daughters to college,  and survived the tragic death of my first husband from whom I had been divorced for only a few years.

There were other difficulties also, too many to mention, some of which came up and were resolved on a daily or weekly basis. There was the time I thought my house was burning down, only to find out that my neighbor who did my yard work was illegally burning leaves outside the cellar window. Then there were the fleas in the shag rugs, the raccoon, down the chimney, and the squirrel running around in the basement. All I managed to deal with as the head of the household.  It wasn’t easy.

But I did survive, and so did the girls. They got educated, got married, and got wonderful kids. I met a colleague through my clinical work and we became friends. When we decided we wanted to be family, we got married, and I moved from the house that had been my refuge for 25 years as I went through everything I went through.  I grieved and rejoiced at entering this new stage, but it was time to move and to move on.

I learned so much during all of those years, much of which I am proud to share in my book “Soul Mothers’ Wisdom.” The book will be out later this year and I will let you know when.  In the book you can read more about my story and you can be inspired by the stories of other single mothers. You will also find many tips for surviving single parenthood with the strength of your inner spirit and the guidance of a higher power.

Happy single parents’ day. A day late and a day early, and for every day to come.


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