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Bette800Bette Freedson became a separated single mother in 1978, a divorced single mother in 1979, a professional social worker in 1982, and a divorced “widow” in 1983. As single motherhood and clinical social work ran parallel, Bette became increasingly fascinated by how people deal with adversity and integrate life experiences. She came to understand that, as a single mother, she needed coping skills, intuitive wisdom, and the elasticity of resilience to successfully raise two healthy daughters while maturing into her authentic Self. As her soul mother journey unfolded, Bette discovered insights for becoming a strong woman, learned skills for being an effective single mother, and developed a passionate purpose for helping other single mothers to appreciate who they are and enjoy the life they are living.

Soul Mothers’ Wisdom, written by a clinical social worker, with years of experience practicing psychotherapy and teaching stress management, is the first book in this category to fully address the deeper emotional needs of single mothers. While resource guides and how-to-parent-single books remain available, there still exists an urgent need for single mothers to have psychological guidance, emotional reassurance and spiritual comfort. To offer the knowledge, counseling, and affirmation that will help single mothers to succeed and thrive as single parents is the purpose of Soul Mothers’ Wisdom/Seven Insights for the Single Mother.

SMWflyerThrough years of workshops, counseling sessions and her own self-examination as a single mother, Bette Freedson has identified seven key insights from which all single parents can derive benefits. Soul Mother Wisdom gently guides single mothers through a growth process that leads to a strong personal identity, a rediscovery of resilience, strength, and courage, and an affirmation of parenting purpose. With Soul Mothers’ Wisdom as a guide, the reader will rekindle self-esteem, achieve a greater sense of wholeness and satisfaction, and learn how to manage the multitude of parenting tasks with maturity, resilience and strength.

In Soul Mothers’ Wisdom, Bette shows single mothers how to face life’s difficulties with heart and soul, and how to handle problems with the Self that “knows.” This wisdom that resides in the authentic Self will guide the single mother into emotional health, cradle her with comfort, and uplift her into abiding peace.