Stories of Soul Wisdom

Stories of Soul Wisdom


I have always been fascinated by people’s stories. It makes sense that I became a clinical social worker, a therapist. I love hearing about people’s stories and finding the roots and blossoms of their strengths. The manuscript for “Soul Mothers’ Wisdom/Seven Insights for the Single Mother,” officially delivered to Pearlsong Press, and due for publication sometime in 2014, is full of stories.  In the book are many biographical stories from my life story, as well as stories from the fascinating and intricate lives of other single mothers. Single mothers are amazing women, and their stories reveal examples of resilience, courage and wisdom.

Besides enjoying reading about others’ stories, the single mother reader (or any reader for that matter) will find that the book can become a journal of her own personal story. The book is rich with ideas, tips and strategies for developing soul wisdom and personal coping strength. At the end of each insight/chapter are pages for journaling that will allow the reader to reflect and write about her own courageous single parent journey.

I have envisioned the book as a support to help single mothers cope with the enormous responsibilities of their lives, understand the meaning of their own personal stories,  enhance their parenting skills, and develop intuitive insight through understanding the psychic power of mind.

I hope the stories in the book and the stories that each reader develops will shine beacons of hope for each mother. The message is this: “We know. We have been there. We are there. We are here to comfort you, encourage you and to offer you hope that you can deal with all the difficulties and joys of mothering single. Even those of us who are remarried, or re-partnered, face some of the same single mother issues. We understand.”

As Deborah tells us in her story, the single mother path can be a path to wholeness of your Self. As Barbara’s story encourages us, even in the most difficult circumstances, you can prevail. And “Queen Esther” reminds us that how you think about your circumstances will make all the difference in how you cope with them. And as all the stories reveal, soul wisdom makes the path a lot easier, and richer, and more rewarding.

How do you experience the wisdom of your soul? It comes in many forms and with many faces. In my life, wisdom showed up in the face of Nathan, my first psychic teacher. His story is one of the most important in my life, and one of the shortest. Do you recognize your intuition when it comes in? I would love you to write and tell me what, how and when you are in touch with your own soul wisdom.



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