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Thankful for Intuition

Thankful for Intuition

Have a Consultation with Your Soul Wisdom


Many of you know me as a clinical social worker, and some of you know me as a psychic. For those of you who do not know me as a psychic, you may be disappointed or maybe pleased to hear that I am not a teller of the future, or of fortunes in the stereotypical sense.

I have developed my intuition to be able to provide psychic readings that I call soul wisdom consultations. Sitting with an individual, I “read” my own intuitive messages, or as some think, possibly subliminal clues from my client. From whatever source the images and messages come, I interpret them with the intention of offering my client something useful for their own personal insight and growth.

I am thankful for my gift, but frankly it is not anything unusual; you also have intuition, and might like to consider having a consultation with your own intuitive wisdom, guidance from an inner knowing part of your Self that can offer wise information when you need it.

If you would be interested in consulting your inner wise self, here are a few tips for getting started.

  1. Intuitive wisdom is best consulted when the mind is quiet.
  1. You do not have to be an experienced meditator to quiet your mind.
  1. Find a place inside a house or building or out of doors where you have a felt sense of peacefulness. You can be in your bed, on the beach, in the tub, walking in the woods, doing a hobby, or cooking dinner. It’s the inner feeling of stillness and mindful attention that is the key.
  1. Become familiar with your personal feeling of stillness; no need to compare to someone else’s.


Once you have located just the right spot for the right time, and have entered a state of perceived peace, here are the next steps.

  • Settle into a comfortable position, taking one or two gentle breaths, and feeling the way you can become even more deeply still.
  • Mentally note whatever it is you would like to understand better; what problem you might like to solve.
  • Allow thoughts to come in and go out; no need to push them or force them.
  • Be with yourself, allowing thoughts, emotions and sensations to come in and go out, just noticing what comes to you, what you sense.
  • Sometimes information will come in an image, a thought, a feeling, perhaps a metaphor, or a bodily sensation. All you need to do is to gently pay attention to what emerges in this consultation.
  • Thankfulness will be a natural by-product of consultations with your wise inner guide.
  • As you learn more about your own intuitive gifts, I would be delighted to hear, and invite you to share the stories of how soul wisdom consults guide you and help you with life.


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