Help and Inspiration: from the Past and Beyond

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Help and Inspiration: from the Past and Beyond

Recently I received some help and inspiration from the past–and maybe from the beyond.

What happened reminded me that I have resources, not always fully recognized, that have, and can continue to, carry me forward in my life.  An experience of this type happened a few days ago, while I was sorting out some papers in my attic. I love my attic. It contains archives of my life that inspire me to reflect on who I have been, and who I am becoming.

This most recent trip to the attic uncovered lost letters from a friend, now deceased. The words affirmed the strengths I had many years ago when, as a single mom,  struggling to provide stability for my kids, and managing the rigors of social work school, I would beef up my finances by doing psychic readings. When I found Herb’s letters I thought back about a couple things–how much fun we had had in those days, and how scared I was at the time.

Herb was an exceptionally talented, kind, and ethical individual. He was a well known, maybe even “famous” psychic, and a very dear friend. Herb understood that I had the gift of a strong intuition, and he taught me how to do powerful psychic readings. Never did Herb or I do what we called “doomsday prophecy.” In fact, we did not really prophecy much at all.  Instead, our readings were meant to be fun, offering people  intuitions and interpretations geared to make them feel better about their own their lives.

And did we have fun! We went on radio shows together and did little readings on the air, and once we “performed” at a strip mall parking lot to make money for a Jerry Lewis Telethon. On weekends when my girls were with their dad, we’d set up tables in shopping malls for  weekend psychic fairs. Then I would learn a lot from Herb. He would coach me about how to interpret what came into my mind, always offering the reading with an intent to help, not to frighten.

Sometimes when Herb would see me reading some clinical textbook in between readings,  he would say, “One of us is psychic and one of us is psychotic, and I am not saying which is which!” And of course we would roar with laughter. We never figured out which was which, but we were definitely both psychic!

Thinking back, I remember how Herb encouraged me to be the best I could be. He knew from conversations, and from his intuitive sensitivity, how frighted I was. And he gave me unwavering encouragement, as I continued to do the best I could for my children, and plan for a future career.  Herb knew I loved doing readings and he also knew how much I wanted to combine the psychic talent with clinical expertise. Herb affirmed these values, and continued to encourage me to combine the intuitive with the clinical, which I do to this day.

It’s funny–if anyone could transmit from the beyond, I think it would be Herb. Reading his letters reminded me that Herb, who always put some “shmalz” (his word) in his readings, was always authentically who he really was. His readings were classy, and they gave VERY good “counsel.”

I thought– funny, even now, when he’s been gone so long,  it is as if Herb is counseling me, again ecouraging me to believe in myself.  Reading Herb’s letters brought me in touch with  the truth that I possess the inner strength to do what I know is best. This is timely advice right now, because I have important decisions to make that will change  the routines of my life.

Now, you might want to consider this: Who are the “Herb’s” in your life? Who supports you in realizing who you truly are and assists you in actualizing your own talents and strengths?

How do you realize your own courage? What reminders are in  your own personal archives, in your attic, your closet, or in your memory?  Where does your help and inspiration come from?  Do you know that you have inner wisdom that can  uplift your spirits and help you make important life decisions? You CAN realize that you ARE strong, and that you are on an incredible journey.

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