Fun with the Kids: Summer Strategies for Parents

When parents apply a few simple all-purpose tips for creating summer fun with the kids, opportunity happens. You can increase quality time, expand connections with your children, and make summer into more fun for all.

Give these simple summer strategies a try!

1. Put together an arts and crafts group for the kids. Simple ideas can be found on

2. Plan some low budget trips to the lake, beach or a nature walk in the woods. You can collect shells or leaves and other of nature’s own material for later arts and crafts projects.

3. Take the kids to see things being made in local craft shops or specialty food stores. This works for most age groups, especially when there is an opportunity to taste or try. You can find some of these ideas online.

4. For the little ones, you can exchange play dates with a couple of your child’s favorite play mates and the mom or dad too.

5. Go to a farm for the day, where kids can enjoy an experience of nature with you.

6. For some social awareness, visit a factory or an animal shelter.

7. Create a story telling day. Commandeer some available family or friends and have a  story time, maybe with a picnic. Kids love to be told stories. Weather permitting, you can do it outside, and get them away from the tv for a day.

8. Teenagers inspire parents to find their own special brand of summer creativity. For the not-yet-working teens, help them organize  a play or talent show that can generate money for a charity. Parents can get involved in a way that shows your interest and shares your special gifts.

9. Check local papers for church suppers, fairs and carnivals. Most kids love this stuff. You can assign household chores for money that the kids can spend.

Whatever you decide to do, consider this. To structure the fun, you will have to invest a little time, a little energy, and maybe a little money,  However, the time you put in to make the arrangements and plans may pay off later. The attention you give to your kids’ summer enjoyment, even if you commandeer others to help, demonstrates your caring.  The attention you give to planning summertime fun counts as attention you are giving to your kids. This investment promises to pay cumulative dividends in their future.

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